3rd Party Gateway Configurations

After registering a domain in the platform, you could configure these gateways if you are planning to use them. All of these gateways are optional and you only need whichever you are planning to use.

Email Gateway

Boodskap prefers Elastic Email gateway as we have tested it with millions of emails already. The below configuration is based on elastic email. You can configure this under Platform's right top corner dropdown(Profile) -> Domain Settings -> Email Gateway

  • Host
    • Generally its smtp.elasticemail.com
  • Post
    • Generally its 2025
  • User Name
    • Your elastic email's account email
  • Password
    • Your elastic email's account password
  • Primary Email
    • Your elastic email's account email
  • Bounce Email
    • You can give the same primary email account just in case if you want to receive all the bounced emails to it.

Email Gateway



Platform supports generic SMTP gateways, if you have other SMTP services, refer to their documentation and configure appropriate fields

Twilio SMS & Voice Gateway

Register an account with Twilio. Goto Twilio Dashboard and copy paste your Account SID, Auth Token here.

You can buy a voice phone number here.

You can configure this under Profile -> Domain Settings -> Twilio Gateway


Twilio Gateway

Google FCM Gateway

Create a project in Google Firebase Cloud Console.

Copy paste the Web Api Key under Profile -> Domain Settings -> FCM Gateway