Boodskap IoT Platform

An Enterprise IoT Platform that helps to quickly connect with hardware devices, systems and backends to build solutions rapidly and robustly.

Get Started

Docker Installation

The default sample docker installation is a simple all in one single instance of each software service and typically its good for a simple IoT solution, like few 100s of devices reporting with low frequency and ˜1KB / message and 250 messages / minute on a 4 core 8GB machine.

Install Docker

First you need to install Docker on your host machine, please visit Docker
This installation procedure is tested with Docker running in Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04 and MacOS 10.15.x. The helper scripts are only compatible with Linux based systems and soon we will supply scripts for Windows and other OSes.

Install Boodskap Containers

The above procedures will download and setup the necessary containers, network volumes and port exports locally in your docker and start all the instances.

For the very first time, start the containers one by one, first time it takes quite a bit of time to initialize the table structures and populate metadata.

One time start procedures

  • $ docker start cassandra && docker logs -f cassandra

Please wait for the database to initialize for the first time, this may take a while depends upon your configuration. Upon successful initialization, you should see something like this

INFO  [main] - Waiting for gossip to settle...
INFO  [main] - No gossip backlog; proceeding
Initializing database....
Cassandra startup done.

At this point you can CTRL + C and proceed with next steps

  • $ docker start elastic && docker logs -f elastic
[es-node-1] publish_address {}, bound_addresses {}
[es-node-1] started
[es-node-1] license [f4d38bf9-8ae6-4fd1-8fc8-9a5b811fee6a] mode [basic] - valid
[es-node-1] Active license is now [BASIC]; Security is disabled

At this point you can CTRL + C and proceed with next steps

  • $ ./

Upon successful initialization, you should see something like this.

)             (           )
 ( /(             )\ )     ( /(     )
 )\())  (    (   (()/( (   )\()) ( /(  `  )
((_)\   )\   )\   ((_)))\ ((_)\  )(_)) /(/(
| |(_) ((_) ((_)  _| |((_)| |(_)((_)_ ((_)_\
| '_ \/ _ \/ _ \/ _` |(_-<| / / / _` || '_ \)
|_.__/\___/\___/\__,_|/__/|_\_\ \__,_|| .__/
                                      |_| IoT Platform

>>> ver. 3.0.1 - build(10001)
>>> 2018 Copyright(C) Boodskap Inc


Initialization Failure

If the platform init is not progressing for a very long time (more than 5 minutes), just restart the platform for one more time and you should be good

Regular start procedure

Once after the docker containers are initiated for the first time, you can start and shutdown the container by

  • $ ./
  • $ ./

Platform Admin UI Access

Web Link: http://localhost
Default User: admin
Default Password: admin

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Docker Installation

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