On Demand Cluster Installation

Large scale IoT deployments often needs dynamic scaling and downsizing of the cluster nodes to effectively process the incoming data burst, in the same time; keeping the hardware/cloud cost within their bounds.

Boodskap platform can be easily scaled and downsized on the fly. First setup the standard Cluster , then create separate instances of the platform with the following parameters in the $HOME/config/cluster.xml

<property name="clientMode" value="true"/>

In the ipFinder section, just list out one or more regular cluster nodes

<property name="ipFinder">
   <bean class="org.apache.ignite.spi.discovery.tcp.ipfinder.vm.TcpDiscoveryVmIpFinder">
      <property name="addresses">

Now, these instances can be started and stopped on need basis.


In case of AWS Cloud, you can create a preconfigured AMI and then easily automate the scaling using AWS Api