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Boodskap is an IoT software platform that helps to build and deploy a solution very quickly and robustly. 85% of commonly required software components that are already prepackaged and exposed as API as well as reusable components, taking leverage of these components anyone can develop an end-to-end solution that can be hosted on a cloud platform of your choice or even set it up in premise. Remaining 15% of the custom software libraries/code can be built by extending the Boodskap API SDK or bringing in your code and import into the platform.


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Getting Started

Most IoT implementations requires a deep understanding about functional elements of various sub systems. Delivering a software with highest quality and easy salability is a challenge with the available skillsets in the market. Device connectivity, broader protocol support for pushing/polling sensor messages, storage and search for larger quantity of incoming messages, ability to perform various tasks on each incoming message at the real time, maintaining all the software and services, installation / commissioning the databases, servers, etc. will soon become a mountain of challenge when you start delivering a variety of industry solutions.

Boodskap eliminates about 60% of the traditional software development setup and operational cost by providing a core platform service which is 100% horizontal in nature and it can accommodate any kind of data/sensor/device/storage requirements. Interoperable is one of the key requirement in most IoT systems, ability to interface with multiple software and consuming a variety of software as a service platforms, import / export the data are very common, well, today’s modern software languages has all the ability to do such things, but why would you want to reinvent the wheel time and again for each implementation

Boodskap platform and the API services are 100% written using Java language. The UI/UX components are built using various AJAX web technologies and that runs on a Node.js engine. The entire admin console is open sourced and you are welcome to extend and use it. The platform can be extended using 30+ languages of your choice

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