Atomic Job

  • Atomic Jobs gives you the best in class performance when you want to deal with short lived background service
  • Context Variable: job
  • Running Job Handle Variable: THIS


  • Let's write a simple solution for this simple problem
    • A particular city has to be updated with it's weather data it it's already not updated for that day

1) Define a record to keep track of the weather data of a day

Record Architecture

   "day": string,
   "city": float,
   "node": string,
   "temp": float,
   "pressure": int,
   "humidity": int,
   "temp_min": float,

2) Define a message to accept a city name from a sensor / api

Message Architecture

   "city": string

3) Message rule to validate and invoke an Atomic Job to update weather data

Message Rule

    def REC_ID = 6000;
    def JOB_ID = "UpdateCityWeatherJob";
    def today = util.formatDate("yyyyMMdd");
    def id = String.format("%s%s",  today,;
    def queue = grid.stringQueue("CITIES"); //create or get the queue
    def orec = record.get(REC_ID, id);
    if(null != orec){
      log.warn("City %s is already updated",;
    if(job.count(JOB_ID) <= 0){
}catch(Exception ex){

4) Atomic Job (UpdateCityWeatherJob) to get the weather update from API

def API_KEY = domain.get("api_key"); //get the stored API key
def API_URL = "{city}&appid={api}&units={units}";
def REC_ID = 6000;
def queue = grid.stringQueue("CITIES"); //create or get the queue

try{"UpdateCityWeatherJob running...");

        def city = queue.poll(1,  java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit.SECONDS);
       if(null == city ) break; //stop this job


            def res = rest.get(API_URL)
                            .routeParam("city", city)
                            .routeParam("api", API_KEY)
                            .routeParam("units", "metric")
            def main = res.getObject().getJSONObject("main");

            def rec = main.toMap();
            rec['city'] = city;
            rec['node'] = THIS.getNodeId();
            rec['day'] = util.formatDate("yyyyMMdd");

            def id = String.format("%s%s", rec['day'], rec['city']);
            record.insert(REC_ID, id, rec);

        }catch(Exception ex){

}finally{"UpdateCityWeatherJob stopped.");
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