Asset Group Context

Connected intelligence

Grouping of assets gives you the ability to add more intelligence to your IoT monitored assets.

Lets take an example of connected assets. The use case is, a group of cars are organized for an event where they must go on a rally without loosing each other cars within certain distance. In this case, the cars can send a broadcast message to the cars in a group to poll for their locations and control their speed or instruct the driver with appropriate action plans.

// Retreive the AssetGroup model
public AssetGroup get();

// Add one or more group members")
public AssetGroupContext add(String... assetIds);

// Add a list of group members
public AssetGroupContext add(List<String> assetIds);

// Remove one or more group members
public AssetGroupContext remove(String... assetIds);

// Remove a list of group members
public AssetGroupContext remove(List<String> assetIds);


APIs Inherited from Command Context

Command Context


APIs Inherited from Lookup Context

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