Message Architecture

Message is nothing but a predefined data structure that can be preconfigured in the platform with a unique identifier for each types of messages that your device pushes to the platform.

Example Weather Data

    "sensor": "WEATHER",
    "latitude": 32.779167,
    "longitude": -96.808891,
    "temperature": 26,
    "humidity": 77,
    "precipitation": 0,
    "wind": 11


The above message structure can be defined in the platform like the image shown below. Menu => Home -> Message Definition -> Define Messages. Once you have one or more messages defined, you could start pushing messages to the platform from your IoT devices using different protocols. In the above example, we have defined a message with an unique message identifier as 100

Messages are static in nature, once a message is received by the platform none of its attributes can be changed afterwards. Boodskap stores all the incoming messages into its default big data storage engine Cassandra.