Asset Context

Digital twin object of the real world connected asset

  • Assets are virtual entities that can be paired with devices. An asset can have one or more devices attached to it. For an example, a Truck can be an asset and a fuel sensor can be device attached to this truck, a speed sensor can also be another device attached with it and so on..
  • Context Variable: asset


This context is only available during the incoming messages only if an asset is associated with the reporting device.

API Interface

// Retrieve the Asset model object
public Asset get();
// Gets the AssetGroup associated with the groupId
public AssetGroupContext group(long groupId);

// Create/Update AssetGroup
public AssetGroupContext createGroup(long groupId, String name);
// Links one ore more devices with this Asset
public AssetContext link(String... deviceIds);

// Links a list of devices with this Asset
public AssetContext link(List<String> deviceIds);
// Unlinks one ore more devices from this Asset
public AssetContext unlink(String... deviceIds);

// Unlinks a list of devices from this Asset
public AssetContext unlink(List<String> deviceIds);

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